Dr. Caitlin Casey

Dr. Julie Wardlow, Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-2013)

Dr. Yan Gong, Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-2015)

Dr. Francesco De Bernardis, Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-2013)

Dr. Alexandre Amblard, Postgraduate Research Fellow (2005-2007) and Herschel Project Scientist (2007-2010) (Now at NASA)

Dr. Paolo Serra, Postdoctoral Fellow (2007-2010) (Now at NASA)

Dr. Naoki Seto, Project Scientist (2005-2007). Now at NAOJ, Japan

Morgane K├ľnig

Jeff Wingo

Jospeh Schmidt (2007-2012; Currently staff member LANL)

Sam Kim (2008-2013; CONICYT Fellow U. of Catolica, Chile)

Devdeep Sarkar (2006-2010; Goldman Sachs)

Ali Khostovan,

Chris Frazer

Justin Feng,

Paul Gebhardt

Thong Nguyen,

Randolph Anderson,

Justin Feng

Steve Ngos

Mailani Neal

Matthew Keele

Nathan Jayyang

Brian Lowe (Physics Junior)

Zach Tellman (Computer Science Senior, 2005-2006)

Wesley Fong (UCI Physics) KBO/Oort Cloud Occultations

Amber Martin (UCI Physics) Quantum Corrections and Modified Gravity

Brett Friedmann (UCI Physics -> UCLA Physics Grad/Outstanding Physics Senior 2007)

Senior Thesis: Inflation and Search for Primordial Gravitational Waves

(Published in Phys. Rev. D and a second submitted to PRD)

Scott Sullivan (UCI Physics -> UCLA Physics Grad) Senior Thesis: Evolution of Dark Energy Equation of State: Narrowing Constraints with Type Ia Supernovae (To appear in JCAP)

Jordan Levy (UCI Physics) Senior Thesis: Detection and Analysis of Galaxy Clusters in SDSS

David Weiler (UCI Physics) Senior Thesis: Upper Limit for Number Density of Comets Near Pluto

Jingxuan Wang (UCI Physics) IR Background Evan Dowling (Physics Senior, 2005-2006)

Senior Thesis: Perturbative Effects of Extra-Solar Matter on Oort Cloud Orbits

Past Graduate PhD students

Undergraduate Students

Past Reseach Team