Grants & Support

We thank following sources of funds over the last 10 years:

NSF CAREER Award NSF-0645427

NSF AST 1313319

NASA NNX07AG43G (APRA CIBER), NNX10AD42G (ADAP), NNX08AU21G (Inflation Probe)

NASA/JPL funds for Herschel/SPIRE Instrument Science Team

NASA/JPL funds for US Euclid Science Team

JPL Director's Research Discretionary Fund

Keck Foundation through Caltech/Keck Institute for Space Studies

Spitzer, Herschel, Chandra GO funds

STScI/Hubble GO and AR funds

Department of Education (for graduate student funds)

Ax Family Foundation

Department of Energy through Los Alamos IGPP

Total research and educational funds since 2005: $5.8M